Volunteers who want to use their Glock RO gift to shoot in the match, should register on-site, NOT on-line.

Part of what makes GSSF matches so much fun and so successful is they are run by experienced GSSF shooters. That's right, YOU can be a GSSF match Range Officer! We'll provide all the training you need to start helping others have a safe and fun time! Typical Range Officer duties include running a timer, writing down scores, resetting or painting steel targets, pasting paper targets, and scheduling shooters. If you can run a clipboard or a stopwatch- you're in!

Volunteer Work Schedule
The schedule below shows all the available volunteer positions. To volunteer just click on your preferred time slot (as long as it's available). This will take you to the volunteer form. Once you submit that form that spot will be filled (it can take up to 5 min to update). Once its has updated your name will show in that spot to show that it is filled. If at any time you need to cancel your spot just click your name and provide the email address you signed up with. You may sign up for multiple spots as long as they are not at the same time.   You will need to fill our the form for each spot you wish to fill.

Shift Hours
Shift hours are listed at the top of the schedule. There is 30 minutes of overlap time built into each shift to make sure the stages are covered during transition. 

Friday Setup starts promptly at 9am and RO's will shoot afterwards. 


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Range Officers work in teams of three or more depending on the number of stage setups per bay. There will be a Range Officer Orientation Saturday morning at 8:00am and also on Sunday morning at 8:00am. At orientation, we will identify work assignments, discuss GSSF rules and answer any questions you may have. After the orientation, you’ll head out to your assigned bay, verify everything is properly set up, and then start running shooters. There will be experienced GSSF Range Officers on each bay, so if you are new- have no fear. We won’t put you out there by yourself! We'll have plenty of volunteers, so there will be relief available for breaks and lunch.

Range Officer Compensation: 
The first day you show up, you’ll be given a hat, a shirt, and a form to fill out that tells us who you are and what you want for your “GLOCK Goodie”- gifts that GLOCK gives you for working the match. Typical "Goodies" are field knives, backpacks, benchmats, gun rugs, magazines- even free match entries! You’ll get one "Goodie" from GLOCK for each DAY you work (maximum two).

But WAIT! There's MORE! If you volunteer for more than one SHIFT Okeechobee Shooting Sports will give you additional "goodies"! 

Please be sure to review the important information contained in the GSSF Range Officers Guide before match time.